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Perishable Logistics Down COLD.

Cold Loading & Unloading: Temperature-controlled docks never break the cold chain. Multi-Modal: 5 day private expedited rail, plus shorthaul trucking. Inventory Control: Secure RF wireless warehouse management & real-time inventory control. Free Storage: 5 days FREE + long-term options.

Full service perishable logistics: We do it all.

Railex assures you seamless logistics success from point of origin to final destination – with far fewer headaches and product spoilage along the way. This includes expedited coast-to-coast refrigerated freight shipping plus access to full 3PL (third party logistics) support:


3PL care custody and control.

We manage all aspects of perishables logistics: warehousing, inventory control, forward distribution, repacking and more.


Nationwide infrastructure.

Speed your goods to market with five-day coast to coast temperature-controlled private rail transport; 250,000 square-foot multi-temperature zone refrigerated distribution facilities, real-time inventory control, up to five days FREE storage and short-haul trucking.

TL and LTL

Unmatched TL and LTL shipping capacity.

We operate the largest weekly temperature-controlled TL & LTL system in North America with 50,000+ weekly pallet capacity now – and 75,000 once our new Jacksonville, Florida facility opens in summer 2014. Ship a little or a lot: it’s up to you.

Temperature-Controlled Nationwide Transport

Only Railex assures end to end cold chain integrity.

No other shipping service can match our perishable transport care. From the moment we take possession of your goods to their final destination, we keep the cold chain. That saves you thawing, spoilage and product deterioration.

Long haul trucking ships mixed commodities that aren’t always compatible to ride together:

For instance, ethylene producing commodities such as cantaloupes when combined with ethylene sensitive commodities like honeydews can cause premature ripening. With Railex, mixed commodities are stored and shipped in optimal commodity segregated zones.

Public rail stops multiple times to add or remove cars:

This often subjects your fragile items to prolonged weather extremes, shifting and damage from humping cars. Every Railex train unit powers non-stop coast to coast – no jostling and fewer delays. Interior temperatures are also monitored regularly, just in case something goes wrong.

Entrust your products to Railex and they’ll arrive in same or better condition than when they left!

The cold chain is never broken

Forward distribution, just-in-time delivery

Just-in-time just became easier.

With Railex as your perishable freight shipping and 3PL logistics partner, you’ll leverage temperature controlled facilities across the U.S. to drive more efficient forward distribution and just-in-time profitability.

Position freight closer to final destination.

Control inventory more efficiently and speed up your reaction time on large volume changes.

Door to Door service.

Non-stop schedules and multi-stop pickups eliminate logistics hassles.

Soon covering all four U.S. corners.

Our three current facilities are located in Wallula, WA; Rotterdam, NY; and Delano, CA; with our new Jacksonville, Florida facility opening in summer 2014.

Railex has locations in Washington, Illinois, New York, California, Texas, and Florida.
Food Beverage Frozen  Pharmaceuticals

5 Days of Free Warehousing & Long-Term Storage Solutions

Your storage is on us.

Railex shipping service also includes up to five days of free storage at any of our multiple 225,000 square foot temperature-controlled distribution centers.

Extensive perishables expertise.

Our computer-controlled temperature zones safely house a diverse range of perishable goods.

Flexible longer-term storage options.

Weekly, monthly and seasonal storage is available at any of our distribution centers.

Private & Secure System, Real-Time Inventory Control

Reassuring Security. Real Time Control.

Railex freight shipping and nationwide 3PL facilities feature stringent security measures to safeguard your goods, as well as RF technology that provide visibility to your inventory 24/7. You’ll gain added flexibility to move product more efficiently and expand your customer base:

Exceptional Security

  • SQF and HACCP-certified facilities

  • Non-stop trains with sealed box cars: The unit train stays intact the entire transit from origin to destination, helping prevent product tampering.

  • 24/7 monitored facility camera surveillance and digital video recording

  • Security system with proximity card-restricted access

Real-time inventory transparency and traceability:

  • Leading-edge RF technology. Every pallet is labeled, barcoded and tracked via our GPS system. You are always assured real-time access to your inventory.

  • MyRailex. This virtual inventory management system provides 24/7 web-enabled access, integrating order processing, transportation, lot identification and warehousing functionality. You save substantial administrative time and cost.

Real-time GPS inventory status, Order processing, sealed train cars, 24/7 surveillance, warehousing, transportation, and lot identification

LTL or Multiple Truckloads Easy As A Phone Call

Ship a little or a lot - there's always room on Railex.

Why waste hours on the phone booking multiple long haul trucks or dealing with frustrating peak time capacity limitations? As the largest weekly temperature-controlled TL & LTL freight shipping service in North America, our infrastructure easily meets ALL your needs, regardless of peak timing or volume:

Mixed commodities.

Our pallet system easily accommodates all pack sizes and weights.

Unmatched capacity.

We can ship as little as a single pallet up to 50,000+ pallets weekly now and 75,000 weekly pallets when our Jacksonville, Florida facility opens in 2014.

Fast Setup.

One call to Railex gets your goods in motion. No long setup times or complicated steps.

There's always room on Railex
You get the best of both worlds: the velvet touch of private long haul trucking with the bigger efficiencies and much larger capacity of express rail service.