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Railex Recognized As A Top Green Logistics Provider

Railex (, the leading provider of temperature-controlled national shipping services and full-service 3PL solutions, has been recognized as both a 2014 Top Green Provider by Food Logistics and an Inbound Logistics’ G75 Green Supply Chain Partner. Since its inception in 2006, Railex has been committed to providing the most reliable and secure temperature-controlled transport platform while reducing customers’ carbon footprint and delivering cost-savings.



“Sustainability is part of the Railex DNA,” says Adrian Neuhauser, President of Railex. “As a SmartWay Transport Partner, Railex has made it a priority to find a greener way to provide the best temperature-controlled 3PL services and reduce our overall environmental impact. We thank both Food Logistics and Inbound Logistics for recognizing our efforts.”

Railex’s temperature-controlled private rail system helps companies deliver on their sustainability missions as rail cars are 3 times more fuel efficient than over-the-road transport. The numbers are staggering. Since 2006, Railex has effectively removed the need for more than 400 million long-haul truck freight miles and reduced diesel fuel consumption by more than 65 million gallons.

Plus, more perishables get to their final destinations in top shape with Railex, and that means less product shortages and a greater value for its clients. Railex ensures perishable goods are shipped with extreme care, reducing the risk of spoilage during transit. Its rail cars also provide distinct temperature-controlled zones, protecting perishables not only from extreme heat, but also from extreme cold.

For more information on how you can reduce your carbon footprint and deliver cost-savings, visit theRailex website today or book your next shipment through one simple phone call: (888) 472-4539.

About Railex

Railex is a full-service, temperature-controlled, national transportation and logistics solution. We do it all to make your cold chain logistics easier: multi-modal, storage and distribution, repacking, inventory control, consolidation/deconsolidation, and forward distribution services. Railex is a green supply chain solution – recognized as a SmartWay™ Transport Partner.Through our private rail system, we’ve reduced carbon emissions by 1,333,983 metric tons and decreased fuel usage by 68,125,419 gallons by taking the need for 145,756 long-haul trucks off the road. Railex offers forward distribution up to 300 miles from its four main facilities that cover the four-corners of the United States: California (Delano, CA), Northwest (Wallula, WA), Northeast (Rotterdam, NY), and Southeast (Jacksonville, Florida).


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