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The latest news from Railex includes stops at the New York Produce Show, a big thumbs up from a celery broker in Connecticut and a full feature on Railex from the  Association of American Railroads. It’s a great time to be in the cold chain industry. and we’re excited to share some of the news from the last month.


Here are some of the highlights:

Bartolotta Credits Railex with Volume Spike



On December 12, produce industry magazine, The Packer, featured an article about Railex’s relationship with Bartolotta Inc.  The company uses Railex to ship produce, mainly celery, across the country.  Making the switch to Railex has enabled the company to expand its business and increase its volume by 10%.

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Railex Takes Manhattan

Produce Conference

Photo Credit: The Packer

In early December, Railex brought its cold chain solutions to the New York Produce Show. Over 5,000 people attended this year making it one of the largest shows in the region. Railex spoke to attendees about cold chain innovations for the produce industry — including its optimal commodity segregated zones, which can help prevent premature ripening during shipping.

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From Farm to Fork

Perishable Products

Railex produce shipping options were recently showcased on the Association of American Railroad’s website, in a feature called, “Freight Rail: The Best Way to Ship Perishable Products.”  The story takes readers on a journey from farm to fork, making the case for rail as the safest, more economical way to move produce from coast to coast.

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