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Railex: A Favorite Among Model Railroad Hobbyists

When we see a Railex rail car rolling across the countryside, it has special meaning for us. It’s our life’s work, our passion, our purpose — in motion.  So it’s great to find people out there who share our enthusiasm for the rail — recreating the boxcars and the distribution centers we’ve created — just on a much smaller scale.  So this month, we’ve decided to pay tribute to those who have paid tribute to us — showing off some of their work that was inspired by our own.


Rail Cars that Move Us

The Trinity 64’ refrigerated reefer car is something of a produce industry legend. It revolutionized the way produce was shipped across the country — taking thousands of trucks off of the road and lowering emissions.  So it’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice amongst model railroad hobbyists.  Some of the best N-scale and HO-scale replicas we’ve seen come from ExactRail and BLMA Models.  These models mimic the modern appearance of the original 64’ boxcar, complete with end platform detail, correct printing, and lots of fine-scale detail.


Shared Inspiration

When it comes to making model boxcars, accuracy is everything. So when BLMA began work on a model Trinity 64” refrigerated reefer, they stopped by our Delano facility to check it out. After all, nothing inspires like the original.


One Man’s Vision

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 5.35.22 PM

Recently we combed the web in search of the best Railex model railroads. That’s when we came across the Central Pacific Railway blog by Frank Kenny of Torrance, CA. This blog chronicles the ups and downs of building a massive, 500-square-foot-model railroad, replicating the route between the Mohave desert and Fresno, California. We’re big fans of the Railex facility his team built by hand and the 64’ reefer boxcars rolling on the track.


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