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The New Railex 72’ Rail Cars Are Ready and Rolling

July has seen a major rail car upgrade for Railex. Our new 72’ Railex rail cars are now in circulation. By mid-August 2014, we’ll have 50 of these temperature-controlled cars mixed in with our current fleet of 64’ Union Pacific temperature-controlled reefers.

How do these new rail cars allow us to serve customers better? They give us flexibility to match the right perishable commodities with the right rail cars for optimal shipping. Certain goods, like apples and grapes, are a better fit for the dimensions of the 72’ cars than the 64’ cars, due to the way that they are packed and the size of the boxes. For other perishables, the dimensions of the 64’ temperature-controlled cars are the optimal ride.  It’s just another way that we deliver the best care, custody, and control of cool cargo from coast-to-coast.

Ready to take a look? Here are some photos of our new 72’ Railex rail cars in action.


rail car

rail car 2
rail car 4